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MCTQ questionnaire online

The CTS iReport Writer allows professionals to score and interpret the Carey Temperament Scales questionnaires online from any internet connection, using just standard browser. Reports can be received instantly and are archived at B-DI for later retrieval and use. No minimum computer requirements or upgrades are necessary, and there are no shipping or handling charges on iReport Writer uses.

To obtain information about purchasing iReport Writer uses, visit the B-DI online ordering page

3/27/03 : Memorial Tribute to Alexander Thomas held at NYU Medical Center

A ceremony celebrating the life of Dr. Thomas was held on March 24, 2003. It was attended by over 100 colleagues, friends and family members. Dr. Thomas was remembered for his innovative research in temperament and his courage in challenging the conventional wisdom of the time, behaviorism and psychoanalysis, for which he was soundly criticized. Speakers included William B. Carey, MD, Sidney Thomas, his brother, and his three sons. Musical interludes were played by violinist and developmental pediatrician, Yeou-Cheng Ma. A reception followed.

See links to Dr.Carey's remarks and photos of the ceremony.

1/31/03 : In Memoriam: Alexander Thomas, MD

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr. Thomas who died Wednesday in New York City at the age of 89. Those who knew him will miss his intellect, affability and commitment to the well being of others. His obituary, taken from the New York Times is reprinted here

12/1/2002 : BASICS is here!!!

B-Di is pleased to announce publication of the BASICS Behavioral Adjustment Scale, a 42 item parent report questionnaire that determines behavioral adjustment as defined in 5 subscales of function:

  • Behavior in social relationships,
  • Acheivement,
  • Self-Relations,
  • Self-Relations,
  • Coping. Additionally a
  • Symptoms category screens for problems in areas of physical functioning including eating, sleeping,elimination, etc.