Temperament and Parenting


Temperament and Parenting

Discussion about temperament and discipline.

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Drop in on the Science of Parenting Podcast, a site dedicated to providing discussion of topics relevant to parenting.
Temperament has been a special focus among many other topics. Co-hosts Lori Korthals and Mackenzie Johnson reveal there is no bad or good temperament. Each trait has assets and liabilities.
Podcast writer Barb Dunn Swanson helps encourage learning to understand, appreciate and work with the child's individuality, as that is what builds positive parenting opportunities.
Producer Mackenzie DeJong tries to stump the hosts with questions about how temperament applies to real life.
Be prepared to enjoy these podcasts and the others, too. Check it out!

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A new addition to the family can be met with wonder, anticipation and perhaps many questions. Who will this child of mine become? Will I know what to do, to take care of this precious little one? New life brings all kinds of questions for parents. Every new life is a unique creation full of individual traits. These traits are causes for celebration! Join The Science of Parenting team as they explore "temperament".

What is temperament? Temperament can be described as the combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; or the natural predisposition someone possesses.

Parents, as first educators of their children, can support the temperament of their children in a variety of ways. A parent's reaction to a child's behaviors, will be the child's first notion about appropriateness of their behaviors and responses. When we acknowledge that their temperament is a gift and is preparing them for all the many joys and challenges they will face in their lifetime, we can then choose how we respond. We can respond with frustration if we are tired, overwhelmed, or upset. We can also respond with patience, calm, and reassurance so that our child knows that behaviors can be managed, and as parents we will be there to help them learn to manage their own behaviors.

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