Thomas & Chess on Behavioral Individuality

Alexander Thomas and Stella Chess discuss temperament qualities in children.

Child Behavioral Assessment & Management


Child Behavioral Assessment & Management in Primary Care: Second Edition (2016).

For Applied Child Professionals

William B. Carey, MD & Sean C. McDevitt, PhD

This book is intended for professionals who work directly with children in a primary care setting. This includes not only nurses and primary care physicians but also teachers, daycare workers, school psychologists, social workers, various therapists and others. Written by two clinicians who have practiced for many years in primary care, this presentation rejects the notion that behavioral status should only be classified as normal or abnormal. Rather, it suggests that primary care professionals should view children's behavior on a spectrum where annoying normal variations may shade into problems and then to disordered behavior requiring specialized care. This perspective is preferable to the limited approach of simply making categorical judgments about whether the problems are severe enough to be diagnosed and treated, or that there is no real problem. By taking into account matters of aversive temperament and atypical behavioral adjustment as well as behavioral disorders, the entire range of behavioral concerns can be considered.

The second edition of CBAM offers new content, including discussion of areas of temperament beside the ones the authors have found most useful and a more detailed review of the application of temperament counseling. A new chapter deals with the confusion of terminology that has crept into the behavioral health field in recent years.

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