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The BBAS was developed by William B. Carey MD and Sean C. McDevitt, PhD and standardized on 415 children aged 4-14. Norms indicate how a specific child is functioning compared with others in the same age group. The scale has good internal and retest reliability and there is evidence of discriminant validity in clinical vs. nonclinical subsamples. Dr. Carey presented a paper on BBAS at the recent 2002 Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics meetings in Seattle, Washington.

BBAS should provide clinicians an efficient method for organizing the behavioral characteristics of children in this age group, focusing on strengths as well as problem areas and identifying behaviors highly relevant to emotional and behavioral functioning. Click here to learn more about obtaining BBAS.


By request, iReport Writer now comes in the Carey Temperament Scales Practice Set version with questionnaires, Test Manual and User's Guide. Practice sets are typically purchased by new users of the CTS. Now iReport Writer technology will be available to new users as well!

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4/4/02 :iReport Writer is here!

Now users of the Carey Temperament Scales have a new utility for scoring and obtaining reports from CTS questionnaires. iReport Writer provides the ability to generate sophisticated temperament profiles and written reports using web-based Report Writer software. The system allows input of questionnaire data into a browser form (e.g., Internet Explorer) and processes it on the B-DI server, returning a report right in the browser window. A demonstration page has been developed to show the feature of the iReport Writer system. Click here for details on products available and demo pages.

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Update 2/15/02 iReport Writer is here! ATQ on the Web