What's New

6/15/2006: Occasional Temperament Conference 2006

The organizers of OTC 2006 have announced the dates for this year's meetings, scheduled for October 12-14, 2006 in Providence, RI. The conference will be held at the Center for the Study of Human Development at Brown University. Program organizers are Ronald Seifer, PhD and Judith Bandieri. The registration form and complete information will be posted on the Center for the Study of Human Development web site in the near future. A number of leaders in temperament research and clinical applications in practice gather at OTC to present papers and discuss issues in the field. Attendees will include professionals and students interested in temperament research as well as clinicians and practitioners. OTC meetings offer a rare opportunity for academicians and practitioners to interact on topics of mutual interest.

3/20/2006:CTS iReport Writer2 Online Scoring

The new CTS iReportWriter2 online scoring software adds a new set of capabilities to the original iReport Writer system. Based on feedback from current users, the iReport Writer2 adds encrypted scoring, form checking to reduce errors, increased browser compatibility, and improved html coding for cleaner 'on screen' and printed reports.

Features of the new system:
  • 1)

    scoring can be done with 128 bit secure socket layer encryption (SSL)- the ultimate in security and privacy;

  • 2)

    new 'form checker' javascript on the questionnaire checks to see if gender, birthdate and scoring date are completed and in the correct format, prompting corrections when needed;

  • 3)

    a new printing feature is now compatible with other popular browsers besides Internet Explorer such as Firefox, Safari and others;

  • 4)

    new clean html coding provides sleeker 'on screen' and printed reports; Current users will be upgraded free of charge and be able to select either the new system or continue using the old one. Order numbers and prices for CTS iReport Writer2 software will remain the same. New users will receive information on both login locations. All CTS iReport Writer software sold after the release date (3/22/06) will include access to both scoring systems!

Click hereto see the options for using the new CTS iReport Writer2 in processing questionnaire data.