The Jan Kristal Memorial Award


The Kristal Award was named for Jan Kristal, a clinician, educator and author who hosted the OTC 17 meeting in 2008 in San Rafael, CA, but who died of cancer shortly afterwards in 2009.

The intention of the Award is to recognize at each OTC meeting a person or persons who, like Jan, has made significant contributions to clinical or practical applications of temperament research. The Award is meant to encourage professionals who are engaged in utilizing temperament in their work with children.

Jan appeared on the Dateline TV show in 1999. YouTube link: Family Focus on Temperament - 6/27/99 Her excellent book The Temperament Perspective: Working with Children's Behavioral Styles is out of print but used copies are available here on Amazon.

 Previous Kristal Award winners
OTC 24 Quebec, Canada, 2023
Masha Gartstein
Patricia McGuire
Kathy Rudasill

OTC 23 (Virtual) Blacksburg, VA 2020
Elaine Aron

OTC 22 Murcia, Spain, 2018
Barbara Medoff-Cooper
Liliana Lengua

OTC 21 Seattle, WA 2016
Jack Bates
Kare Olafsen

OTC 20 Lincoln, NE 2014
Sandee McClowry
Helen Neville

OTC 19 Salt Lake City, UT 2013
Mary Kurcinka
Roy Martin

OTC 18 Bowdoin, ME 2010
James Cameron
Barbara Keogh
Sean McDevitt