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CTS iReport Writer 5 Online Scoring w 10 Uses Only


CTS iRW w 10 Online Scoring Uses Only

CTS iReport Writer 5, the latest online software, scores any one of the five CTS questionnaires. Questionnaire results can be input online by the professional or a clerical assistant and reports viewed instantly over the internet. Reports can be printed or saved in pdf format. This iReport Writer item includes 10 software uses only. No questionnaires are included with this product.

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 The Carey Temperament Scales iReport Writer 5
New Features Improve Report Security and Storage
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iReport Writer 5 Prof Report
Carey Temperament Scales Online Report Writer Software, Version 5

The new CTS 5 account format increases security and convenience at the same time! Designed to meet security standards consistent with HIPAA compliance, the new CTS iReport Writer 5 maintains all client data inside the user's online database account. No personal data are included in emails related to notifications regarding the reports.

The CTS iReport Writer software has great new features such as:

1) a 'within account' database that stores and tracks current and archived reports;

2) improved printing that allows one-click printing of all pages of the report;

3) new upgraded printing allows one-click printing of all pages of the report;

4) handy pdf files of completed reports that can be printed, emailed or saved.

Users may select the assortment of questionnaires needed from the 5 CTS age groups,
EITQ (1-4 months)
RITQ (4-12 months)
TTS (1-2 years)
BSQ (3 -7 years)
MCTQ (8-12 years)
when ordering Professional Practice Sets or Software scoring uses with questionnaires. Just specify the number of each in the special instructions box on the shopping cart order form.

Price: $49.95

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