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CTS Practice Sets-with Test Manual & User's Guide: Internet scoring Practice Set with 25 Questionnaires, & 25 internet scoring uses

The CTS iReport Writer3 allows the professional to administer and score any of the Carey Temperament Scales questionnaires online. After receiving the CTS back from the parents, the questionnaire results can be input online by the professional or a clerical assistant and reports viewed instantly over the internet. Paper copies can be obtained immediately by printing from the internet browser. Each Professional Practice Set includes the CTS Test Manual, User's Guide and an assortment of questionnaires for use with infants and children up to 13 years of age. Requiring only an email account and internet access with a standard browser, the iReport Writer3 allows web-based scoring and interpretation of the Carey Temperament Scales, with reports also archived in an html format. An email with the report confirmation number is sent to the professional within seconds of completion!

Features include:

Individual user name and password are provided to log into a protected area containing the questionnaire input. Each 'use' can be utilized for any of the five CTS questionnaires-just select the age needed! The professional completes the CTS form online from the paper questionnaire completed by the caregiver and then instantly obtains 2 reports, a professional report and caregiver report. The reports are displayed right in the web browser window! These reports can be viewed and printed immediately. Results can also be saved in a text file on the user's computer following simple instructions provided. The report file can recreate the CTS report in the browser window online at any time. Copies of professional and caregiver reports are archived for one year in html format for documentation and viewing in a browser such as Internet Explorer. Reports can be retrieved at any time and pasted into a word processing text file for permanent documentation, editing or viewing in a browser window. The CTS Professional report includes the temperament profile, raw and standardized scores, individualized interpretive report and validity checks for social desirability, missing data and ratings/perceptions discrepancies. The CTS Caregiver report contains the temperament profile and an interpretive report of scores written for the caregiver and personalized with the child's name and gender.

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Note: Specify how many of each questionnaire (EITQ, RITQ, TTS, BSQ or MCTQ) will be included in your order, totalling 25. Just click the 'add to cart' button to select them. If only one age group is needed, simply put "25" in the box for that item and zero for the others. Default for unspecified orders is 5 of each.

Practice Set with 50 Questionnaires, & 50 internet scoring uses

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Practice Set with 100 Questionnaires, & 100 internet scoring uses

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Practice Set with 200 Questionnaires, & 200 internet scoring uses

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