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CTS Professional Practice Set w CD and 50 Qs





CD Practice Set-50 Uses

CTS limited use software on CD scores any one of the five CTS questionnaires. This item includes the Test Manual and Users Guide, scoring CD and questionnaires. Scoring CD uses can be renewed, or used on a different computer using a new registration number when uses are depleted (see renewal registration items).

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 Report Writer Version 7.0 on CD
The CTS Version 7.0 Report Writer Software for PC and Mac
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CTS Professional Report.
Version 7.0: Carey Temperament Scales Report Writer 4 on CD (PC or Mac)

CDs Updated to iReport Writer 4!

Newly updated to include improvements in Report Writer software and to keep pace with changes in Windows and Mac operating systems, the new CTS Version 7.0 software scores any of the five CTS questionnaires and generates 2 attractive temperament reports, one for the professional and one for the caregiver. The software comes in 2 versions, one each for PC and Mac OSX. Version 7 supports Windows Vista and higher as well as OSX 10.7 and higher.
Both temperament reports include a temperament profile and interpretations of temperament characteristics. The caregiver report is personalized for age and gender of the child and uses the first name of the youngster in behavioral descriptions. The professional report includes validity checks for missing data, social desirability and ratings/perceptions discrepancies.
The CD method is helpful when professionals use a portable device such as a laptop to complete their assessments, or use one office-based computer for scoring. Once the CD is registered using an internet connection, no further online presence is needed.

Like the iReport Writer 4,Version 7.0 software creates the reports in html format so they can be displayed in any standard internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Safari is supported for Mac, but not PC. Thus, report files are easily shared and can be emailed to the caregiver or other professionals. Sample reports used for instructional purposes can be easily posted on the web!

CTS Version 7.0 software comes in several product combinations: Professional Practice Sets with the CTS Test Manual and Users Guide and CTS questionnaires; with the CD and CTS questionnaires; or just as CDs for users who already have the manual and paper questionnaires. Software uses are registered to a single computer. Purchase of additional registration numbers allows software uses to be registered to additional computers, or when uses are exhausted the CD can be renewed again with a new refill registration number.

New Features include:

1) auto-advance on input and input review to check for input errors before processing;

2) an "easy export" table that pastes any or all report data directly into any spreadsheet file;

3) new upgraded printing allows one-click printing of all pages of the report;

4) an export feature creates pdf files of completed reports that can be emailed or saved.

Users may select the assortment of questionnaires needed from the 5 CTS age groups,
EITQ (1-4 months)
RITQ (4-12 months)
TTS (1-2 years)
BSQ (3 -7 years)
MCTQ (8-12 years)
when ordering Professional Practice Sets or Software scoring uses with questionnaires. Just specify the number of each in the special instructions box on the shopping cart order form.

Price: $209.95

Shipping Weight: 3.40 lbs.

This item includes 50 CTS Questionnaires.
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